“It’s not about who you are or where you came from.

It’s about who you choose to be.

Who are you choosing to be today?”

-Erin Berube

Erin’s Story

From a gritty neighborhood in hand-me-down clothes, to polished ensembles in board rooms, my story is about rising to challenges. I came from humble beginnings, where my parents had to choose between paying the water bill, buying food, or keeping the lights on. Health insurance was a luxury we couldn’t afford, and it was all too common for kids from my home town to overdose or commit suicide.

I learned from an early age that I would have to create the things I want in life - nothing would be handed to me. I used my internal fire and ambition to earn degrees and certifications while becoming an award-winning leader and coach. My passion is to leverage my expertise, skills and experience to help others spur success within their teams and organizations.

Working with Erin

Erin provides coaching and facilitation for leaders and their teams from Fortune 500 companies with a focus on growth, performance, and leadership. She has significant global experience in driving results while simplifying complexities, spurring performance breakthroughs, and guiding clients to communicate powerfully to influence and inspire others. She pulls from her vast experience in life and corporate leadership to create incredible outcomes for clients.

Reach out to Erin for one-on-one coaching, team building events, strategy consulting, and speaking engagements.


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Crafting leaders, shaping success.

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